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"As a representative of a Non-Governmental Organization for 18 years overseeing humanitarian aid, I am impressed with the impact that Mercy Partners has made among the people we attempt to serve. Organizations have delays in dispersing care, however, this Christian charity has empowered national teams to care for the people within their own village which provides a direct transmission from the church to the people who need assistance. Simply, they have not fostered dependency that is so prevalent in the country. They are an example that many organizations should follow..."

— David B.

Caring for each soul until God's grace is known by all.


MERCYPARTNERS connects resources with Gospel opportunities, so God’s people can meet the needs of humanity in a practical way.


Those that fall under the level of human existence need immediate care to Survive.


Those that exceed the level of survival require sustainable resources that will help them Strive.


 Those that strive, need instruction, and education to help others in their community. When we help others we Thrive.


Those that thrive in conflict need encouragement to remain where they are rather than seeking outward mobility to western culture.




     School Children
At-risk children from 16 tribes. War orphans and child soldiers have a future beyond war. 
We have adopted the unadoptable.


    Churches Leaders
Training Disciples to make Disciples. Making God's grace evident through partnering with natives. Where we create change, they bring authenticity.


       top a collective number of 900 
      disciples with additional 
     followers. A direct response to MERCY PARTNERS' evangelistic outreach has resulted in 335 souls baptized in Christ, who have produced more disciples.


  Medical Treatments
        Treatments range from skull   
       reconstruction, removal of    
       parasites, Cholera mitigation,
   Malaria & Typhoid treatment and basic first aid (as shown). In addition, we provide first-response.
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   Deep Water Wells

265' feet deep, 8” inch bore that pierce the burning soil of Sudan. We utilize native drill teams who assemble evangelistic outreaches along with community training to care for their well.



Directly Fed Annually

Famine relief is organized and

distributed through the local church. This gives God the glory for the provision. Our annual famine relief cares for thousands during crises.



  Personal Hygiene 
  Kits given annually
  We address the practical need of medicine by the gift of the P.H.K., which are one of the top needs for people struggling to obtain reliable sources of food, water, and shelter and the first line of defense against the spread of illness.


Baptized Disciples

Where we provide change, native evangelists bring authenticity. Having partnered with natives and near-culture evangelists, we have seen over 400 unreached respond to the Gospel since 2010, taking on the likeness of Christ at baptism.


    As a non-profit charity, we raise charitable donations that allow us to provide aid in conflict zones and create service programs that foster immediate care, sustainable aid, and discipleship training of native evangelists to care for their local people. We are able to provide help, hope, and love to humanity in conflict because we enable native evangelists to provide mercy in a practical manner. We are committed to the opportunities we have to make God's grace evident by bridging the gap with native evangelists as an equal partner. Traditional mission strategies advocate four stages of development: pioneer, paternal, partner, and participation. During colonialism these strategies had worked; however, our globally engaged world of today offers better opportunities for an alternative approach. We call this approach Bridging Cultures for Christ.


                not Paternal Stage

 It is important that mercy passes

directly from the native church to

the recipient so Christ will be  glorified. Good News is good when

it is exemplified by practical mercy. When a follower receives mercy in a practical way, it will provide a hand up in their life. We partnered with the native church to provide resources where they had the opportunity.


                 not Pioneer Stage

We encourage assimilation by

becoming vulnerable to the people  we are called to work with. The thought of becoming an immigrant is the proper mindset to build a bridge to reach others. It allows the Gospel to be understood and lived within the culture. By taking on the form of a student of culture we gain a license to show mercy.

Partners from the Start

                     no  Partner Stage

       We believe that partnership looks

        like treating the indigenous

        leaders as equal right from the 

      start. The partnership is at the

   root of mercy and growth stems    

from mercy; mercy that is shown through equal partnerships. If we start as partners we will not emulate a parent-child relationship. How we approach our relationships can liberate us to take on the role of a servant.



                no   Participatory Stage

          We believe that where we can

          create change, the native

         evangelist can provide  

        authenticity. The far-off  

     missionary is needed since we are responsible for meeting "Gospel opportunity" with an abundance of resources that God allows us to access and manage. We do not wait to be invited to participate but operate as an interdependent, multicultural church family.