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🥭 Mango Focus Group

New to the group?... read below:

MERCY PARTNERS has developed an intimate form of discipleship that leads to a practical approach to evangelism and personal growth. It is entitled Mango.
Mango is part of our methodology and approach to bridge cultures for Christ and avoids typical trappings of traditional cross-cultural strategies.
Mango helps our disciples in the task of making disciples. The lessons are constructed in response to the great commission, to not only make disciples but to teach them all that Jesus has commanded.

Over the past seven years, we have composed 52 one-page Mango lessons on discipleship. Each “slice” is designed to kick off discussions and engage young and old disciples in various topics for a disciplined life.
Our next task is to compile the lessons into easy-to-use booklets for personal and group study.

You can make a significant impact by joining our focus group, which will periodically be called upon to answer a few questions. Our first survey request is to select a book cover design along with several questions on study habits and preferences.

(Find the questionnaire towards the bottom.)


Tell us what questions you had or have about the below topics and subjects.

You may also choose to select the questions you hear most from people.
Questions about...

Thanks for your feedback! 🎉

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