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From Son of the Mission
to Servant of Souls:

We Celebrate Thomas' Calling to
Clinical Social Work and Beyond!

We at MERCY PARTNERS raise a joyous toast to our dear colleague, Thomas, as he embarks on a new chapter in his life, not just as a dedicated clinician, but as a published author ready to share his insights with the world.
As the son of our founder, Thomas has lived the spirit of MERCY PARTNERS from his earliest days. He's witnessed the impact of our mission firsthand, from organizing youth conferences in South Sudan at a young age to inspiring 3,000 attendees at a conference in Ethiopia. His passion for service blossomed in his college years, where he interned with us, gaining valuable insights into the workings of our mission of mercy.

Upon returning, Thomas embraced diverse roles, from communication to program manager, and chaplain. In each capacity, he poured his heart and soul into supporting our mission, offering guidance, empathy, and a listening ear to all who sought solace and support.

But now, a new calling beckons on two fronts. Thomas has chosen to pursue his passion for clinical social work, ready to make a difference in the lives of individuals and families as a Family Counselor for Life Push in Danville, VA. He also brings his wisdom to the wider world through his powerful book, "Start Being, Stop Doing," offering readers a roadmap to inner peace and personal transformation.

We at MERCY PARTNERS are incredibly proud of Thomas and his multifaceted journey. While we will miss his presence within our walls, we wholeheartedly celebrate his decision to follow his twin callings. We know he will be a beacon of light and support for those he serves in both his new practice and through his impactful writing.

Please join us in wishing Thomas the very best in his new endeavors. May his journey as a therapist and author be filled with purpose, fulfillment, and the continued blessings of service. We have no doubt that his story will continue to be one of inspiration, reminding us all that the spirit of MERCY PARTNERS lives on in the hearts of those who carry its legacy forward.

Onward, Thomas, and may your path be ever guided by compassion, a commitment to healing, and the power of sharing your wisdom with the world.  With deepest admiration and heartfelt gratitude,


We encourage you to stay in touch with Thomas! His new email address is  We look forward to hearing about his future endeavors and sharing in his continued success.

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