"empowering the local church to be the catalyst of mercy in their community."

Bridge Campus for Global Impact, Training Church Leaders in the Gospel with NationsUniversity

     Technology, at whatever level, is a tool and when used correctly can greatly enhance communication for teaching, instruction, correction, and accountability.
Because the internet is more accessible than ever before, MERCY PARTNERS has duplicated discipleship abilities through email, which allows us to send out fifty-two weeks of discipleship lessons to South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Netherlands, the Dutch West Indies, and the United States at weekly intervals. MERCY PARTNERS' Mango Discipleship has targeted specific discipleship needs while weaving awareness of the church's prayer request to a global family like none other. Our next level of training disciples, aid workers, missionaries, and church leaders is through a physical campus and online presence.  We are designing modules, curriculum, and practical skills training to form MERCY PARTNERS'
BRIDGE CAMPUS FOR GLOBAL IMPACT. This will harvest a new crop of kingdom workers who are ready to engage the future world. We need your help and underwriting this legacy work.




We began Bridge Campus in East Africa to build leaders who will address issues in their culture, and now we must not neglect the same work in our own U.S. culture.


Over the past few years, we have gathered information on leadership needs in the United States. Our findings demonstrate that our Bridge Campus approach towards leadership development is not limited to Africa but can produce needed leadership results right here in the United States. 


To form leaders for the new tomorrow, Mercy Partners' Directors voted and approved Bridge Campus U.S. Thanks to Tom and Sandie Kilian, who have granted half of their land in Chatham, VA, to host the campus. 

We will host our first 12-day leadership program for ages 17-21 in the Fall of 2021. Over the next five years, we forecast that 60 “Venturers" will receive training. Keep watch for updates on the Bridge Campus work, along with opportunities to engage and serve.