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Project Jacob
Safe Water-Well Initiative

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This little girl fetches water from a newly bored well in West Nile, Uganda, when at one time she and her mother had to travel by foot many miles for safe water. Statistically, 8 in 10 wells that Non-Governmental Organizations bore fall into disuse within the first 18 months. MERCY PARTNERS has reversed the statistic through our Project Jacob which utilizes native drill teams who hold evangelistic outreach along with community training to care for the well long after the crew leaves the region. Site surveys incorporate evangelistic outreach and wholistic care.

At every level, Mercy Partner's Project Jacob includes a program informing the community how to care for their well by having a maintenance plan, so they have full ownership of the well when we leave. The project will also implement our “W.A.S.H." (Water Access Sanitation Hygiene) program, instructing the community on sanitation and personal hygiene.


When we read the words of Jesus in John 4:14, “whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; indeed, the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life,” we see that Jesus ordained by example a wholistic approach to ministry. Because of this, MERCY PARTNERS’ makes certain that projects reflect the sustainability which Jesus offers spiritually. The water wells which we bore are cemented in and are inscribed with scripture proclaiming the Good News of Jesus.

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Give Food
Provide survival food to the vulnerable

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Our feeding program provides much-needed survival food to the vulnerable, displaced people of North and East Africa. The immediate-care beneficiaries include sexual-crime victims, women, children, the disabled, and the deaf.

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Give a Goat
Sustainable aid

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MERCY PARTNERS has had a long history of goats being weaved into our mission work. On one occasion, coming from South Sudan into Uganda, founder Tom Kilian found a goat named Jack (after the fruit by the same name) whose owners Tom engaged. After discussing their love of goats, the family welcomed conversation concerning Christ Jesus. The family of Jack later became disciples and launched a church in their village. 


Goats have been the center of celebrations and sustenance in the lives of our disciples in Uganda and South Sudan.


Each goat purchase receives a report within about 90 days, along with a name that the new shepherd will give her. 

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Stock Donator collects all entered information and generates the required forms to send to the Donor’s Brokerage Firm. Stock Donator receives the stock donations from the Donor’s Brokerage Firm. Stock Donator provides the stock proceeds to MERCY PARTNERS. To complete the process, Stock Donator provides the Donor with the transaction receipts needed to claim the tax deduction for the stock donations. 


Log on and enter the information required to donate stock:


  1. The specific stock and number of shares you wish to contribute.

  2. Select MERCY PARTNERS as the recipient.

  3. Identifying personal and brokerage information.

If your financial planning includes a gift to MERCY PARTNERS,  We are most grateful to receive donations regardless of what form they come in. Some assets may be liquidated to provide immediate impact for those who suffer. Other assets may be received to assist in a particular project.

Regardless, we work with you to assure you that your donation will make the impact that you intend for it to have. This page contains links to sources that we provide to connect you to the various venues that we offer. If you do not see the donation venue you require, please contact us and we will work diligently to make your partnership happen. 

Providing Personal Hygiene Kits for health during crisis in South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Keyna, Mercy Partners

Provide Personal Hygiene Kits

PHK's are one of the top needs for people struggling to obtain reliable sources of food, water, and shelter and the first line of defense against the spread of illness. PHK's are also the first step toward good health and a way to provide dignity in a small bag for those who have suffered during crises.


A Mercy Partners' "region-specific PHK pamphlet" will be placed in each completed bag. All contents need to be placed in a gallon zip-lock bag. Place 10-12 PHK's in a sturdy box. A donation of $2 per kit helps Mercy Partners in expediting the PHK's overseas.

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