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Average Donation by our partners: $109


$7 Places a Bible in the hands of

the Bible-less.

$8 Provides a Malaria Rapid Test Kit for early detection and treatment.


$9 Cost of one treatment of Medicine to care for the indigent population.  


$98 Provides a Soccer & Medical kit. Youth teams will bring unity among rival tribes.

$130 Provides a school desk to seat 4 [74 desks needed.]


$5000 We can repair water well for a village that desperately needs water and complete sanitation and hygiene outreach. 


$15,000 Allows us to construct a full water well project and partner with a village to give safe water to thousands.

Childern at Gudele South Sudan school, Mercy Partners

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Food Relief program by Mercy Partners, Child being feed rations

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If your financial planning includes a gift to MERCY PARTNERS,  We are most grateful to receive donations regardless of what form they come in. Some assets may be liquidated to provide immediate impact for those who suffer. Other assets may be received to assist in a particular project.

Regardless, we work with you to assure you that your donation will make the impact that you intend for it to have. This page contains links to sources that we provide to connect you to the various venues that we offer. If you do not see the donation venue you require, please contact us and we will work diligently to make your partnership happen.

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Our Partners keep us solid and unshaken - you are our rock. Your monthly contribution allows Mercy to flow. Foundation partners receive a printed bi-monthly newsletter on how you are making an eternal impact.

"They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on the rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built."  - Luke 6:48

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Providing Personal Hygiene Kits for health during crisis in South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Keyna, Mercy Partners

Provide Personal Hygiene Kits

PHK's are one of the top needs for people struggling to obtain reliable sources of food, water, and shelter and the first line of defense against the spread of illness. PHK's are also the first step toward good health and a way to provide dignity in a small bag for those who have suffered during crises.


A Mercy Partners' "region-specific PHK pamphlet" will be placed in each completed bag. All contents need to be placed in a gallon zip-lock bag. Place 10-12 PHK's in a sturdy box. A donation of $2 per kit helps Mercy Partners in expediting the PHK's overseas.


Provide Hunger Meal

A Hunger Meal provides your social group, club, or church the opportunity to experience the situation of South Sudan's food instability and feed those starving direct. Challenge your group to fast, then eat a meal that you prepared. The meal can be a simple bowl of rice or corn that will be eaten while MERCY PARTNERS presents "Facts and Myths of World hunger."


Those that attended are encouraged to contribute what they would normally spend on a restaurant meal to aid MERCY PARTNERS' food program. In this way, you help Mercy Partners in fueling and expediting famine relief.

Tom Kilian of Mercy Partners presenting mission charity work at the Bridge Church in Michigan, Detroit
Tom Kilian of Mercy Partners takes photo of youth coming home from fishing in the Nile River, South Sudan, Ethiopia

Adopt The Unadoptable

Children in the conflict zones of North and East Africa have seen horrific atrocities that we refer to as “unspeakable."  Where most adoptable children are closely associated with western civilization, it is the children that remain within conflict regions that remain broke in spirit, without hope, and without family. The Unadoptable who attend our School has restored hope, food, education and they begin to heal physically and spiritually with the guided psychological care of compassionate teachers.


Giving life as a gift is a precious legacy and testimony to God's power at work within our partners. 


Give Old/New Bibles and Christian Literature

We “redeem” Bibles by collecting unused Bibles and placing them with individuals. This is good management. We also, however, purchase brand new Bibles to go directly to study groups so we can all read from the same translation where English is just taking hold. Christian literature and Bible studies provide a growing church fuel for the spirit.


This also provides opportunities to provide emergency relief and sustainable aid for souls to go from zero survival to striving and then thriving as they produce more disciples.

Bible Outreach Progam Mercy Partners Uganda
Project Jacob, Mercy Partners safe clean water well project in North and East Africa

John 4:13 - “The water He gives will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life." So even providing physical water takes on a spiritual dimension. Deepwater boreholes for hydration and sanitation provide life. Water is LIFE!   

Give a Love/Legacy Well

The hearts of the displaced are fertile ground in which to plant the seed of the Gospel. Our task remains to build a community of Christians that welcome the world to our Heavenly Father. The community is in need of spiritual shelter as well as water. All our work is about Jesus.

   Strategically placed, we empower the community in partnership. Where we have the resources, we invite their participation in providing gravel and food for the well team. The well team teaches them to care for their own wells by having a maintenance plan in place so that they have full ownership when we leave. This is what empowerment looks like!


Our evangelistic outreach during the weeks leading up to the construction of the well results in many desiring the new life that Jesus brings and enter into His New Covenant.



Micro Loans & Transportation

Accountability is not about trust as much as it is extending dignity. If we love people we want to extend dignity. Our Micro Loan structures are built around our relationships that grow and blossom within the Church of Christ and provide a hand up. 

The borrowers' priorities for the use of their profits are better: nutrition, healthcare, and paying school fees for their children. MERCY PARTNERS provides outreach in all of these areas by empowering men and women with options to provide better care for their families in our experience A loan amount as little as $50 can make a huge impact assisting someone in sustaining themselves.

Micro Loans and Transportation, motorbike, by Mercy Partners in North and East Africa

      Motorbike Mobilizes the Gospel
Brother Emmanuel “Emmy” remembered a conversation he had with Tom back in 2014 when they traveled from village to village during water well inspection.  Tom promised that when Emmy was ready, he would see what he could do about supplying a motorbike to ease travel. This past spring Emmy wrote a proposal after establishing a new church family. It was time. Since Emmy received the bike, 15 have been baptized and two churches have grown!


Pictured: Prayers are spoken for safety & protection over newly purchased motorbike and another disciple baptized.

Church, Pastor Conference Training in Ethiopia in 2012, hosted by Mercy Partners and Sudan African Mission

Our core work is helping church leaders to follow the example of scripture, mainly: 2 Timothy 2:15 - "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth."

Fund the cost of a workshop for a church leader

MERCY PARTNERS host leadership conferences in North and East Africa as well as workshops for church leaders and missionaries in North America. Disciples discuss Personal Spiritual Life and the New Testament Church. Some areas we train in are located in villages that have served as incubators for radical religions that oppose Christ.

Training in Biblical authority and rightly dividing the scriptures is greatly needed. MERCY PARTNERS relies on partnering with native evangelists and near culture missionaries to replicate what we refer to as “Bridge Missions” (as exemplified in Acts 11). Teaching the next generation and helping them to sharpen their Bible knowledge is on the front line of Kingdom work.


Translate PSL

Receive Mango Lessons

Dynamics of the undeveloped world have outpaced our traditional strategy of language translation. South Sudan is not an exception when 26 developing nations in Africa have also adopted English as their language. While the majority of generations are plowing into the future, there remains a remnant attached as a bridge to the rich culture and history of their people group. The elderly generation not only needs the vital information we have about their loving heavenly Father, but they also enrich the lives of the youth. Sensitivity towards the generation gap leads us to empower natives in reaching their elderly in spoken language. Translation comes best from the native people of their tribe. Many of our teachings are adapted by young natives to address generational language gaps and our list of translated lessons is growing. Communication tools and cost, printing and publication materials make the work possible. 

Translation, Bible, Tom Kilian at South Sudan, Mercy Partners
Pastors studying Bible during Church Leader conference Ethiopia, South Sudan, Mercy Partners

Become an anchor partner for Biblical education.

Because the internet is more accessible than ever before, MERCY PARTNERS has duplicated our discipleship ability through the internet.  We send out fifty-two weeks of discipleship lessons to South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Dutch West Indies, and the United States at weekly intervals. MERCY PARTNERS Mango Discipleship has targeted specific discipleship needs while weaving awareness of the church's prayer request to a global family like none other.
Our next level of training disciples, aid workers, missionaries, and church leaders is through a physical campus and online presence. “MERCY PARTNERS BRIDGE CAMPUS FOR GLOBAL IMPACT” is designed with modules, curriculum, and practical skills training to harvest a new crop of kingdom workers that are ready to engage the future world. This work is ready to come online within 90 days of a partner underwriting this need. Please contact us to join in on the work.


Mercy Bear &

School benches

Because individual needs can be address in small ways, Director Mickey Witcher created Project MERCY BEAR where the change of children (and those young at heart) can make a change in another child’s life. 100% of the change collected from the MERCY BEAR banks goes directly to assist 700 displaced children in South Sudan.

Mercy Partners' Mercy Bear project collecting change, coins, to adoption of the un-adoptable, charity, Africa, sponsership

School Benches can be purchased at the cost of $120 ($30 per child since 1 bench seats 4) The benches are hand made by local craftsmen which intern help the craftsman to sustain their own family.

Sandie Kilian of Mercy Partners baptizing, baptism, in Uganda

Underwrite our curriculum for print

Tom Kilian writes: “I noticed that western culturalization began to influence the orphans. Teachings on women empowerment had been led by Western women who felt as though they themselves had been victims. This can further embed a mindset of being a victim and cause an out-of-balance wobble in compassionate care. The boys on the compound harbored resentment and I did my best to reconcile the gender gap. I designed character lessons to address gender reconciliation. Later this concept would resurface as a core program of our mission work.” Sandie Kilian’s exposure to the girlhood town of celebrated Christian survivor of the holocaust, Corrie Ten Boom has further fueled lessons on reconciliation that Sandie has also compiled to address what Tom & Sandie refer to as gender reconciliation. By teaching God's intention for gender to both males and females there is healing.  By contributing to this sphere of work, you enable us to produce a curriculum for print and enable us to teach.  


Build an “art kit”

Art therapy uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It helps children resolve issues for healthy development. A child that has experienced war conflict can manage their behaviors and feelings better, have reduced stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

Art therapy can achieve different things for different people and we find it helps children to heal spiritually.  We begin by simply coloring, and then having conversations when the children are able to converse. When trust is built, we ask the child to draw pictures that relate to Bible stories. Then the children begin to have the courage to open up and share the horrific trauma that they underwent and what struggles they face. The crayon becomes a tool for communication like no other, Black and Reds are some of the colors of choice that the children migrate to naturally, (even though at age 7-8 they may not have ever held a crayon) After a confrontation with their experiences and reconciliation for what they have encountered at such a young age, healing becomes evident in the pictures that they dray as the spectrum of colors enlarge.  It is a good month when all the colors are used up!

Tom Kilian of Mercy Partners prepares drawings/art to present the gospel to native peoples

In the broad sense of the term, it can be used to massage one’s inner-self in a way that may provide the individual with a deeper understanding of him or herself. Build an “art kit” that will be bundled with our healing packet. You can help by providing an Art Kit. Please contact us for more details.