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Now operating as MERCYPARTNERS®

In 2008, after learning about the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, Tom Kilian began an art exhibit to raise awareness. After being challenged to make a direct impact by exhibit visitors, Tom formed Darfur Christian Mission to respond to the Darfur crisis. The mission first began work in Christian education at an orphanage for displaced children.

A few months later, Tom came to the understanding that the mantra of many humanitarian aid organizations was that "Education is the answer." To Tom, this mantra was not true; people needed practical assistance in housing, healthcare, and spirituality rather than education alone.


So he returned to North Carolina and founded MERCYPARTNERS®, a humanitarian aid organization providing help through the Church. 

Though MERCY PARTNERS operates in several nations, the Darfur region along with Sudan and South Sudan, remains a main focus.

Since late 2010, MERCY PARTNERS has provided prison ministry, art therapy, and spiritual counsel for soldiers and commercial sex workers; has enabled local churches to hold medical clinics for Malaria, Cholera, respiratory infections, typhoid, yellow fever, and worms; and provides teacher training workshops, Lord's supper supplies, Bibles in local languages, youth conferences, transportation, and security for baptisms.


In addition, MERCY PARTNERS has established 8 churches, a primary school that hosts over 750 children from eighteen different tribes, 11 deepwater wells, 7,000 fed directly annually, 4,401 medical treatments, 2 graduates with Biblical certification. In total there are 128 trained local church leaders. 

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