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Big words such as Famine, Genocide, and Epidemics carry the weight that none of us can bear and many governments refuse to. We are left to wonder... "What can ONE person really do?" and "Can my life really make a Difference?" What if we harnessed all the energy we use on awareness and channel it to practical solutions? Could we change the course of someone's life and will it change the larger issue? These are the questions that ran through my mind after spending time with state and federal officials pleading for justice, reform, and sanctions while begging newspapers to run stories and pleading with corporations to divest. All the awareness I had raised only elevated the feeling of hopelessness until I had discovered that the immediate needs of humans happen to be the easiest to obtain, but require the most work to fill. There is much talk in our world about "Creating Awareness" and "Activism," however, there are few opportunities to personally change the world around us.

Safe water, food, nutrition and health care keep us alive. Our earnest prayers resulted in providing a hand up to people of conflict areas in a dignified manner so that they can eventually become self-sufficient. When assessing the condition of a particular people, we have authored a scale to reflect three levels of human existence and have created programs to address each level so that Christ may be glorified. Our assessed groups fall into three categories of existence: Survival, Striving or Thriving. Those that are under the Survival level need immediate care. Those who are Striving require sustainable resources which will help them to maintain and then thrive. Those who Thrive need instruction and education to help those in their communities who are barely Surviving. Those that thrive in such culture need encouragement to remain where they are rather than seeking upward mobility to western culture... This not only confronts the “Brain-drain” effect that is prevalent among undeveloped and rogue nations but extends dignity to the nation by preserving the most brilliant of their peoples to remain in-country rather than being siphoned off by developed nations.

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