Conflicts Deplete World Food Supply As Famine ‘Tsunami’ Approaches

Photo: Thomas Kilian for MERCYPARTNERS © 2022 - Gambella, Ethiopia, on the border of South Sudan.

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The Ukraine crisis has choked media bandwidth from reporting a global crisis that will soon have devastating consequences. After three seasons of failed rains, the Horn of Africa has plunged into a fourth drought unprecedented since the early 80s. Somalia and certain parts of Ethiopia and Kenya are already strained as they have barely begun to recover from the 2016 - 2017 drought. Adding to the undercurrent, Somalia has been at war for three decades, leaving millions of people in lasting need.

MERCYPARTNERS © 2022 - Matar, a nomadic friendly village on the boarder of South Sudan in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia and Kenya have experienced a food shortage this past year, and five million are already in jeopardy. Although, traditionally, agriculture and pastoral work in these nations contend with arid soil and have adapted well, what makes today unusual is the frequency of droughts. After losing everything,

farmers and pastoralists leave for makeshift settlements across their country. In 2011 a famine crisis starved 260,000 people to death; sadly, indicators predict an upcoming 2.0 version of 2011 as aid organizations lack resources.

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