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An Accountable Pipeline

MERCY PARTNERS assures relief aid reaches those in need.

Nothing is more troubling than relief not reaching the intended recipient or the purpose of aid diluted by middlemen seeking personal gain.

Over the past ten years, Mercy Partners has witnessed relief-aid sold on the markets at an inflated cost. Corruption creeps in when non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dump hundreds of grain sacks onto a community, where merchants are first in line. Other NGOs are being "forced" to purchase relief-aid at high costs as people are dying. Also, holiday boxes that charities collect and then distribute often suffer the same fate. Charitable goods end up on the market, as there is often no accountability for who receives them.

At Mercy Partners, famine relief, medical clinics, and local programs are administered through the local Church we empower. Food is purchased locally; thus, struggling farmers are supported, and the local economy is sustained, and food is not charged with the "white-skin tax." In this way, local leaders are accountable, and the help given is not hurting those we seek to support!

It is common for "name-brand" organizations to pile into easily-reached locations providing vegetable oil, maize, and sugar, while other places hosting 10,000+ refugees from Sudan and Congo go without aid. Why are these refugees being neglected? Politics and tribalism. NGO hot-spots are often home to one prominent people group. In contrast, larger refugee camps are composed of minority tribes. Leaders among majority-tribes negotiate with world organizations to care for their people in exchange for unimpeded access and security, while the NGOs enjoy movement around population centers that afford access to everyday amenities found back home in the western world. Sadly, the most vulnerable and weak are not within reach of these centers.

Mercy Partners works in conflict zones as steers clear of aligning with any particular groups or tribes. Our empowerment of locals within our churches guarantees equal distribution, incredible reach to all, and no government interference.

Mercy Partners celebrates directly feeding 7,000 souls yearly, coupled with evangelism and follow-up, empowering the local Church to minister in Christ's name, which provides a direct means for Christ to be praised, not Mercy Partners. May the Lord continue to enlarge the mercy invested in us as we continue to be accountable for the mercy we share.

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