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#HumanRightsDay - South Sudan and Human Rights

The people of Darfur, Sudan, have been killed by their own Arab Government as the world stood silent. In the South of Sudan, African tribes have rebelled since the 1950s. Surviving after 50 years of civil war, South Sudan became the world's newest nation in July 2011, which divided Africa's largest nation. No one denies that South Sudan had paid for their freedom with the currency of blood. With only two years of independence, the new country crumbled into a full-scale war.

The worst war crimes outlined by the Geneva Conventions (e.i. rape, mutilation, and child soldier recruitment) are committed regularly throughout a series of wars since their independence. Funding for the civil war comes from various sources: oil, international interest, humanitarian aid went corrupt, developmental funds, and one could imagine, unchecked funds from churches and humanitarian aid organizations that have little to zero accountability. Money disappears. You can't find a sewer that's been constructed. Health clinics are either scarce or bare. Few schools from government funding and those that do exist have been shelled out.

In 2017, more than 4.9 million people faced severe food insecurity due to displacement, conflict, and economic decline. MERCY PARTNERS provides sustainable aid to confront the refugee crisis at the start. MERCY PARTNERS host outreaches to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP's), so they don't become refugees. One could say MERCY PARTNERS is "Changing hearts in hostile countries." Displaced persons desire to return to the place where they were born. It is only that their land is war-torn or collapsed. MERCY PARTNERS provides a vital link for Christian brothers and sisters to extend dignity to all men and understand that our world's dynamics have changed. South Sudan is landlocked with the war in its closed borders. Therefore, MERCY PARTNERS engages Sudanese refugees of 56 marginalized tribes who have fled to neighboring nations to find relief. MERCY PARTNERS has a heart for providing relief in conflict zones and holds that emerging countries in turmoil pose an excellent evangelism opportunity. Christians should be willing to foster healing in communities divided by conflict, regardless of the source of the conflict. We believe that extending dignity is worth more than intercultural exchange.


The United States Government recognizes MERCY PARTNERS as a Charitable Non-Profit, under Q30 - International Development, Relief Services - National Security.

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