President Trump announces Sudan and Israel will normalize ties - Protests break out in Sudan

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October 23rd, President Trump said Israel and Sudan agreed to start normalizing ties, opening economic and trade relations. Is the recent reconciliation of Sudan a good thing? It is; however, we hold our breath.

In 2019 a people's revolt overthrew a tyrannical government and imprisoned President Omar El Bashir responsible for harboring terrorists, the Darfur Genocide, and secret torture houses. The new government has been cobbled together from several factions, including former military leaders with questionable alliances.

Sudan's positive diplomatic statement towards Israel helps to solidify peace talks; however, "time" is always the best of testing in Sudan. Also, it will be interesting to see if Sudan’s “new” government will turn over Omar El Bashir to the ICC from their prison for the elderly. The concern is that Saudi Arabia funds are being used as compensation for US families of terrorist victims. With the payment, the US has taken Sudan off its list so US aid money can flow through the UN; this on-and-off diplomatic relation between the US and Sudan is common since 1967.

Sudan's positive diplomatic statement towards Israel as of October 23rd comes as no surprise. Its date marks the 20th anniversary of the UN's resolution (1325), mandating "sustainable" peace and security efforts to prevent violent conflict, deliver relief and recovery efforts, and the forging of lasting peace through the adoption of more modern, Western ideals.

Women chant slogans in Khartoum in protest against what they believe to be a contentious decision of the president of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, to meet Israel's prime minister last February in a move towards normalizing relations.

Women chant slogans in Khartoum in protest of peace deal.

The peace deal appears to stop short of establishing full diplomatic normalization between Sudan and Israel. That ambiguity seemed to reflect the broader reluctance of Sudan, where public hostility to Israel runs deep. During negotiations and the announcement that the US would remove Sudan from its list, dozens of Sudanese have protested. At least one protester was killed, and several others were injured. Some Sudanese officials have rejected the government's decision to normalize relations with Israel, with officials saying they will form an opposition front against the agreement.

Diplomatic relations will remain good if there are no bad actors in the current government that overthrew the last dictator—lots of moving parts here.

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